What is a paludarium, anyway?

Paludarium is a combination of aquarium and terrarium. There is water at the bottom of the paludrium and there is flora at the top. It may contain waterfall, mlhostroj, rain and other nature-mimicking components.

What is the difficulty of maintaining paludrias?

A well-set habitat needs almost no maintenance. An amateur can do it, too. Habitats are designed to have the highest self-cleaning capability with the support of filter and humidifier media.

How big a paludium do you recommend?

It depends on every client. The larger, the less maintenance and the greater the visual effect.

Could you create a paludium for a chameleon?

Of course all habitats are adapted to the natural environment of your pet. Paludria can be both open and closed. It all depends on your request, what in the paludrium you want to be.

What material do you make paludium from?

This is the secret 🙂 materials are wholesome and do not contain solvents.

Is it possible to automate paludarium?

Of course, time switches turn on and out filters, waterfall, mlhostroj. as appropriate.